Some 20,000 cleaners are employed in Queensland and the Association’s member companies represent over 80% of the QLD market.  As a member of the BSCAA Cleaning Division you will receive a range of benefits including information, advice and assistance from our staff. Some of the member benefits include:

  • Regular updates on changes to legislation and other regulations which effect your industry;
  • Advice to understanding the correct application and complexities of the Cleaning Service Award 2010;
  • Interpretation of Cleaning Services Award 2010 transitional arrangements;
  • Documentation and advice on statutory provisions of employment included in and the National Employment Standards, such as entitlements to various leave provisions, hours of work, unfair dismissal, equal employment opportunity, Worker’s Compensation, Superannuation, termination and redundancy, etc.;
  • Interpretation of the different types of employment, including permanent, casual, permanent part-time, penalties;
  • Payroll advice and wage rates interpretation, including when allowances for broken shifts , meal and travel, etc. are applicable;
  • Information and registration requirements for the Portable Long Service Leave Scheme; and
  • WH&S tools, including your legal responsibilities and Duty of Care, Fitness for Work Policy and updates on new WH&S legislation and what they mean to your business.

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