Building Service Contractors Association of Australia Ltd

Aims and Objectives

The BSCAA has a clear set of aims and objectives that we adhere to. They are in place to safeguard, support, and promote the business interests of our members in the building service contracting industries.

In working to achieve our objectives, the BSCAA may take actions that include but are not limited to:

  • Considering, initiating, and supporting improvements in the laws affecting the interests of members and promoting or opposing legislative and other measures affecting or likely to affect the interests of members;
  • Promoting and fostering the consideration and free discussion of all matters and questions affecting directly or indirectly the interests of members;
  • Establishing a Code of Practice for members;
  • Printing and publishing any newspapers, periodicals, books, leaflets or electronic communications or websites that are desirable for the promotion of its objectives;
  • Assisting in negotiations relating to the settlement of disputes between members, their employees, and contractors and to encourage and preserve industrial Skills;
  • Seeking to secure, maintaining, and improving favourable trade relations with public authority’s property owners, managing agents, manufacturers, and suppliers of goods, materials, and/or services.
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