Building Service Contractors Association of Australia Ltd

Industry Affiliation


The World Federation of Building Service Contractors (WFBSC) is a global federated organization representing regional associations serving building service and facility maintenance contractors globally. WFBSC also represents large regional, national, and international contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers. WFBSC fosters the collaboration, networking, best practice sharing, and innovation that comes from interacting with peers and colleagues from around the world. WFBSC hosts events, shares news, produces webcasts, publishes data and information for building service contractors, and shares insights into our industry with our global network of peers.

The BSCAA is a founding member of WFBSC and has hosted the WFBSC World Congress bringing the industry to Australia as recently as the 13th World Congress of WFBSC in Sydney in 2000. As an active member of WFBSC, BSCAA has a delegate on the WFBSC Board of Directors to provide input, strategic direction, and insights that can be shared locally with BSCAA. BSCAA members have access to WFBSC resources, events, content, and the global network of peers.

Shopping Centre Council of Australia

The Shopping Centre Council of Australia (SCCA) is the national industry group for major shopping centre owners, managers and developers.

The SCCA represents its members on all public policy and regulatory matters relevant to retail property nationally and in all states and territories. This includes issues such as retail tenancy regulation; competition policy; trading hours; land valuation; taxation, planning, development and sustainability; security; infrastructure; and utilities.

A key focus of SCCA members is to ensure a clean, safe and secure environment for all visitors, which is why the SCCA maintains a close working relationship with the BSCAA, whose members provide cleaning services across the shopping centre sector.

Accordingly, shopping centres remained open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, which is attributable to the standards set by shopping centre owners and managers (informed by continuous engagement with government, public health authorities and regulators) and the responsiveness of, and execution by, cleaning service providers.

This collaboration extends to the Code of Conduct for Fair Service Provision in Shopping Centres, through which the SCCA shares an ongoing commitment and mutual accountability with the BSCAA to support the well-being and fair treatment of cleaners.

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