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All BSCCA Members have FREE access to the Bizversity Intranet!


Bizversity is Netflix for the business world!

An intranet website like no other, dedicated to teaching business differently. At BSCAA, we have recognised that our members want to educate themselves in a fast-paced and user friendly manner and Bizversity is the answer! All BSCAA Members will have access to this priceless benefit and business education from around the world.

What will Bizversity do for me?

If you want to succeed in business, you MUST get educated. In fact, the more you learn, the more you earn! That’s why we’ve built an entirely NEW way to learn. One where; you don’t need to travel, attend events or spend tens of thousands on expensive coaches.
In fact, you can access all the knowledge you need, right in the palm of your hand.
More specifically, through Bizversity you’ll discover how to…

• Increase Your Business IQ

• Become a Better Manager/Leader
• Market and Make More Sales
• Improve Your Productivity
• Become the Industry Expert
• Improve Cashflow and Profits
• Set and Achieve Business Goals
• And much much more


Who can reap the rewards?

All full BSCCA members, will have FREE access to the Bizversity portal, which is valued at $97 per month, per person, saving you a minimum $1164 per year!
We all know that people are our greatest asset. In fact, there’s a saying that states, ‘The team you build, the company you build.’ For this reason, it’s not just important, it’s critical that you invest in training your people.
*Bizversity is available to members until February 2020 on a 12 month trial period. BSCAA reserves the right to withdraw membership at its own discretion. As this is a trial of Bizversity, BSCAA would love your feedback on your experience using this app (As a BSCAA member you will be provided login details for use on three devices by your organisation).
To implement this amazing new BSCAA benefit, we NEED to hear from you! Please advise us that you want to utilise this amazing resource so we can organise your login for you!