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BSCAA National Newsletter – August 2018

BSCAA National Newsletter – August 2018 – Click here to download


BSCAA National

BSCAA National welcomes a new Executive Director, Cassie Ruhe-Hodge. BSCAA National held a networking function on 27 July 2018 which was attended by members of the BSCAA National Board, State Presidents, Business Partners and Associates. This story was also covered by INCLEAN. To view it click here.

In July BSCAA National engaged the services of the Workplace Advisory Group to make a submission on behalf of BSCAA Members on the Inquiry into the exploitation of general and specialist cleaners working in retail chains for contracting or subcontracting cleaning companies. Further details were sent in the BSCAA National News Flash email. To view the BSCAA submission (and all other submissions on the subject) please click here.

BSCAA Victoria

  • BSCAA Victoria are in the process of engaging a new secretariat. 
  • The Victoria Excellence Awards are proposed for October and will be held in Melbourne. 

BSCAA New South Wales

  • Workplace Advisory Group was engaged to assist with an executive summary of the recently amended Clean Start Agreement. 
  • A members breakfast is scheduled for Wednesday 29 August in Sydney.
  • The NSW Excellence Awards are scheduled for October and will be held in Sydney. 

BSCAA Queensland

  • The QLeave Levy has been reduced from 1% to 0.75% effective 1 July 2018. 
  • The Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017 (the Act) establishes a mandatory licensing scheme for all labour hire providers operating in Queensland. About the scheme.
  • The Queensland Excellence Awards is confirmed for Friday 16th November and will be held at Victoria Park in Brisbane. 

BSCAA South Australia

  • BSCAA SA is currently working with the SA Education Department and local members to ensure good communication between all parties. The contracting system has been in place through several cycles, and we want to work with the SA Government to ensure that issues which have faced other state education systems do not happen here.

BSCAA Western Australia

Currently working on two projects with the Department of Finance:

  • Reviewing the exisitng contract of engagement for cleaning services.
  • Seeking the formation of a Common Use Arrangement Panel for Cleaning Services in WA.

BSCAA Tasmania

  • The new President of BSCAA Tasmania is David Webb of Corporate Cleaning Services.
  • BSCAA Tasmania are working with Government organisations to implement a Statutory Declaration document. 
  • The Tasmania Excellence Awards are proposed for Friday 16th November and will be held in Launceston.