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BSCAA National Newsletter – July 2020

BSCAA National Newsletter – July 2020

President’s Report

The End of Financial Year is here and the work load continues.  With our obligations to ATO, wage increases and contract price reviews, we have yet another busy month ahead of us.This month I thought I would bring your attention to some important Due Dates.   
BSCAA National have notified all members of the wage increase coming into effect in July and letters for BSCAA members to furnish building owners and clients advising of these increases.If you have not received your letter please contact your state representative. The FWO has released the finalised Pay Guide for the Cleaning Services Award, click here to access this now.
The FWC decided to classify the awards into 3 groups due to the different dates these increase will take effect, I have listed below some of the relevant awards and due dates.

    • 1.75 % wage increase
    • Effective first full pay period starting on or after 1 July 2020
      • Cleaning Service Award
      • Health Professionals and Support Services Award
      • Aged Care Award
      • Clerks – Private Sector Award
    • Effective first full pay period starting on or after 1 November 2020
      • Security Service Award
    • Taxable Payments Reporting System – due 28 August
    • Portable Long Service Leave due 14 July
    • Single Touch Payroll Finalised Declaration due by 14 July 

Businesses need to report their STP finalisation declaration to ATO by 14 July, unless you have 19 or few employees then it is the 31 July, this needs to be done to so your employees are able to lodge their tax returns.–employer-factsheet/

Let your employees know that their income statement will be available via the ATO online services.  Here is a summary fact sheet as a handy resource for your employees.–employer-factsheet/
If you have employees that don’t have a myGov account, below is a link to a video you can email that shows them how.
BSCAA National held their Annual General and General Board Meetings on 15 June 2020 via Zoom.  We look forward to working with each of the states in preparation for their AustralianSuper Excellence Awards to be held during October & November, if the COVID-19 situation permits.  BSCAA National will keep you posted in our monthly newsletters on the progress of all state events.
During the month of June, BSCAA National connected with our valued Business Partners via Zoom and it was a great opportunity to reconnect and discuss the COVID-19 impacts within their business and our industry. We discussed innovative approaches they have adopted and the direction our Business Partners are taking moving forward.  BSCAA National highly recommends that our members connect with these Business Partners so they can discuss ways they can assist your business in the further development of innovative products, processes or systems, especially during COVID-19.  BSCAA members have the opportunity to access resources to enhance their business success and growth.  Make a call or connect via Zoom, you may find they have a great idea, product or a solution that works for your business……’s free to chat!!
BSCAA National will keep busy working in the background and providing information and the best direction in the industry.  Please feel free to email or call, I would love to hear from you, let me know what you like or have an idea about, what you want to see more of or just to say hi.Stay safe and keep doing a great job of providing essential services to your clients.
P.S.  Don’t forget “Thank you Cleaner Day” is 21st October 2020, this will be a big one this year.
Kind regards
Kim Puxty – BSCAA National President


Having issues with sanitiser dripping on floors? Try Grippy Mats from our National Business Partner, IQ Safety.


On Friday 19 June, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) made the decision to lift the minimum wage by 1.75%, well down from the demands from the union movement for a 4% increase.

The Fair Work Commission has ordered the wage increase be phased in across different sectors.

Cleaning Services Award will apply from the first full pay period starting on or after 1 July 2020.

Security Services Award will apply from the first full pay period starting on or after 1 November 2020.

Click here to read the full announcement.

Members should have received their Wage Increase letters, if you haven’t please contact your state offices.

Links to the current Awards:
Cleaning Services Award [MA000022] 2020
Security Services Award [MA000016] 2020

Links to the current Pay Guides:
Cleaning Services Award Pay Guide as at 1 July 2020
Security Services Award Pay Guide as at 1 July 2020

The Security Services Award Pay Guide will be updated closer to 1 November, the current Pay Guide to be used until then.


The BSCAA is proud to support our national Business Partners. This month, our Platinum Business Partner Abco Products is providing us with an update on their online ordering system, Abconet.

Abco Products is a national supplier of iconic, quality and innovative cleaning and hygiene brands for over 20 years, with established offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. At Abco our core customers are contract cleaners and facility managers, that’s why when your partner with Abco you have access to our easy online ordering system and partner portal, Abconet. 

Abconet is more than just an online ordering system; it helps you focus on your own core business in cleaning by allowing you to take full control of your purchasing. Abconet key features include:

    • Site templates for you to set up lists of consumables for multiple sites to take the hassle out of placing repeat orders helping minimise purchasing errors.
    • Consumptions reports and invoices to track your actual spend vs your budget per site keeping your site manager accountable.
    • Budget management functions to make sure you never go over budget again by setting up tracking notifications and limit controls.
    • Permission controls to give you the power to structure your operations process the way you want by creating purchasing permissions for your team members with full price visibility. 

During the Covid-19 crisis, we experienced an unprecedented demand for infection prevention products. However, we always put our core customers of contract cleaners and facility managers first by working day and night to ensure we were fulfilling consumable orders. As a result, we have also set up an ‘Infection Prevention’ page on Abconet with all the essentials to keep your facility prepared to stop the spread of infection. 

Find out more about how we can assist your business by calling 1800 177 399 or visit


We Comply is a free service to BSCAA members and contains a full suite of Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety Policies, Work Method Statements and Procedure templates. For more details visit Please contact your state office for your login details.

The following documents and information has recently been added:


Using PPE is nothing new to the cleaning industry.

Now more than ever and into the future, PPE is our friend but ONLY if it’s used appropriately and disposed of carefully.

The attached slide presentation is a timely reminder for your staff on how to use and dispose of PPE.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has determined that hand sanitisers contain either ethanol or isopropanol and are flammable liquids. This means they must be stored in the cleaners/storage rooms or elsewhere according to the SDS instructions.

As both these types of alcohol are classified as flammable liquids they present a fire hazard. Because they are flammable, alcohol-based sanitisers and some of their ingredients have the potential to harm persons and property.
If sanitisers are provided for use in vehicles do not leave on dashboards or in the sun, store away from heat and ignition sources within the vehicle.

Hand sanitisers may also contain other ingredients that are dangerous goods.


In Australia, state health authorities have acknowledged community spread of COVID-19 and the resulting respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus.

Precautions need to be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the community and the workplace.

One method of indicating the presence of ill health (not necessarily COVID-19) is by body temperature testing. This is normally done through health professionals and is not necessarily a sign of COVID-19 presence. However it is a precautionary risk flag that can be used as one of several precautioning measures to indicate presence of some form of infection.


The Prime Minister has informed Australia that it is currently experiencing serious data security risks in both government and private enterprise sectors.

As a result of this, clients may request a copy of your Business Continuity (IT) Plan to ensure services will not be affected in the case of an attack on your information systems.


Industry access to PPE

BSCAA National have been pushing the message to government that PPE is essential to our industry and that ongoing supply pressures could affect business operations.

The Department of Industry are aware that increased international demand for PPE (and cleaning products) to meet healthcare needs may be impacting the availability of PPE supplies to industry. 

The Department of Industry recently reached out to BSCAA National asking for feedback regarding sourcing PPE.

BSCAA National through its members were able to provide information to support the Department of Industry to better understand broad industry PPE needs, any PPE supply pressures and potential causes.

Members are encouraged to access the COVID-19 Manufacturer Response Register, should you have difficulty in accessing PPE.

What is the COVID-19 Manufacturer Response Register?
The COVID-19 Manufacturer Response Register has been developed to help Australian businesses identify collaboration and market opportunities in order to supply protective, medical or critical care equipment in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The Register is an interactive platform that allows manufacturers, suppliers and customers to generate a profile outlining their capabilities and at the same time offer a demand search feature to source essential goods or service. The connection between the supply and demand of the two entities is facilitated via the platform.

The COVID-19 Manufacturer Response Register is an initiative of AMGC, supported by the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.

FWO commences Legal Action due to non-compliance

The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action in the Federal Circuit Court against a Sydney-based cleaning services provider.

The workplace regulator alleges that the cleaning company underpaid two casual workers, failed to provide payslips, and gave a Fair Work Inspector false or misleading documents.

The BSCAA provides the tools and resources to aid your business in being compliant.

The benefits of being a member of the BSCAA include:

  • access to a full suite of HR documents via WeComply
  • free access to an IR Advisor
  • regular industry legislative updates

Our National Business Partner, Infoware Services, have developed a fully-integrated cleaning industry software solution including job costing, rostering and purchasing with industry specific efficiencies and compliance.

Our National Business Partner, CleanPlan, have developed a platform that powers cleaning services from scoping and work orders, mobilizing, scheduling, inspecting, to reporting, acceptance and payment.

Preparing for the Taxable Payments Reporting Systems (TPRS) – starts 28 August 2020

It is more important now than ever to create a fair and equal system for businesses in the cleaning sector and one way the ATO is doing this is through the Taxable payments reporting system (TPRS).

From 1 July 2018 the TPRS started for businesses providing cleaning and courier services, and from 1 July 2019 for businesses providing IT, road freight, security, investigation and surveillance services.

The ATO wants to ensure that businesses are aware of the TPRS and are ready to report by 28 August 2020.

There are new materials available at to help explain the TPRS and prepare those that need to report.

Here are a few links to information videos:

  • Webinar recording detailing the TPRS for businesses providing cleaning services, and 
  • Short video message from ATO Assistant Commissioner, Peter Holt, that explains the basics.

For more detailed information about the TPRS visit

Single Touch Payroll – EOY finalisation through STP

You need to make a finalisation declaration by 14 July each year.

If you have 19 or fewer employees, you have until 31 July 2020 to make the finalisation declaration.

If you have 20 or more employees, you should be reporting closely held payees each pay day along with arms-length employees. The finalisation due date for closely held payees is 30 September 2020.

If you have 19 or fewer employees and are voluntarily reporting your closely held payees, you can also finalise by 30 September 2020 for the 2019–20 financial year.

Further information can be viewed on the ATO website here:



New Members
BSCAA NSW is pleased to welcome the following new members who have joined this past month. We look forward to meeting you in-person at our events, as soon as we can!

  • Cutelli’s Cleaning Services, Sydney
  • SKIE Cleaning Services, Sydney
  • Bettie’s Cleaning Solutions, Hunter Valley

Upcoming Events
While our in-person events have been on hold recently, we are eagerly anticipating our annual BSCAA NSW AustralianSuper Excellence Awards evening, currently scheduled for Friday, 9 October. We are hopeful that we will be able to host a fun and celebratory evening, but are also planning alternatives if government social restrictions are still in effect.

Nominations for the awards will open soon, so start thinking about who you could nominate.

NSW Smart & Skilled Funded Skills Set funding available for HLTSS00065 Infection Control (Retail/Cleaning). On 12 May 2020 a suite of infection control training products was released for a new unit of competency HLTINFCOV001 Comply with infection
prevention and control policies and procedures.

This competency unit was developed to provide an immediate response to the need for infection control training in the retail, food handling and transport sectors with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cleaning industry provides vital services in the retail and other sectors. As a broad overview staff working in most cleaning roles would be considered a retail environment.

This competency unit has been specifically contextualised for the cleaning industry and appropriate retail environmental considerations.

For more information, click here.


New Members
BSCAA Queensland welcomes the following new members:

  • Herts Less Cleaning Services (Townsville Region)
  • Interior Property Services (Brisbane Region)

Industry Updates

  • WorkCover Queensland Accident Insurance policy renewal period commences 1 July. Wages can be declared online, over the phone or via mail. Wage declarations are due by 31 August 2020. For more information, click here Workcover Policy renewal  

  • Office of Fair Trading Qld are offering a grace period of 12 months for security providers to complete ongoing training that falls between 1 March 2020 and 30 September 2020. Licence renewals are still due and payable during the grace period.  For more information visit Security Providers.

Queensland Board member spotlight

Rod Abbott joined the BSCAA Queensland board in 2017. He is the founder and owner of NRE Cleaning Services; a family owned and operated cleaning company operating in SE Queensland. Whilst a relative newcomer to the cleaning industry, Rod has put his many years of experience in the corporate world to grown NRE with an emphasis on quality client outcomes. Many evening Rod can be found “on the tools” helping his staff complete their required tasks. It is dedication to his staff and family that earned NRE Cleaning Services the Small Business Award at the 2019 BSCAA Queensland Australian Super Excellence Awards.  Rod’s experience brings advocacy for the small to medium businesses to Board initiatives.

South Australia –

Peter Rundle is the South Australian representative on the BSCAA National Board of Directors. He is the key contact for South Australian members for all industry related matters. Peter has many years experience in the industry and is currently the Managing Director of Frontline Support.

You can connect with Peter via email or Linkedin.

Victoria –

Victorian Division would like to welcome our newest member Calima Group.

BSCAA Vic Annual General Meeting
BSCAA Victoria held their AGM on 11th June 2020 live via zoom conference meeting with guest speaker Lauren Davis from AustralianSuper.

Lauren presented an update on how AustralianSuper has been working hard through Covid-19 assisting their members with early release funds more than $1M. AustralianSuper have produced 10 webinars and these are available for members to access. In addition, AustralianSuper has an App available so that members can track their funds at any time. Lauren was pleased to advise that after the recent effects of Covid-19 on the financial markets after the fall they have now returned to higher than pre Covid-19 rates.

New Victorian Board Director Announcement
We are pleased to announce the appointment of James Mpinga to the Victorian Board. James has strong and extensive background in business management and leadership and holds a Master of Business. James is very passionate about the industry, he is the owner/operator of of XP Cleaning and looks forward to contributing his expertise to the Victorian Board and its members.

BSCAA Victoria’s new Board for 2020-2021

  • President: Elias Stamas – GJK Facility Services
  • Vice-President: Spiroulla Ploudias – Globe Williams International
  • Treasurer: Kasun Samarawickrama – Academy Services
  • Director: James Mpinga – XP Cleaning
Annual Wage Review 2020
All Victorian Members were emailed their wage rate increase letter together with a copy of the new pay guides. If you have not received this information, please contact us on 1300 513 306 or email

Portable Long Service Leave
A reminder that the next due date for the upcoming bi-monthly return is 21st July 2020.

Labour Hire Licensing – Fee Rates for 2020-21
For financial year 2020-21, all labour hire licence fees will remain unchanged. This includes:

  • annual licence fee – the licence fee that is paid when a licence is granted and at the start of each 12-month period after the granting
  • application fee – the fee to apply for a labour hire licence

Normally, each year as a result of indexation under the Monetary Units Act 2004 government fees and penalties increase, including labour hire licence fees and penalties. The Victorian Government has announced a freeze on all fees and fines that were due to increase on 1 July 2020.

Western Australia –

The Department of Commerce has finalised its Debarment Policy which will see as a stepping stone to ensuring state government agencies have a reporting mechanism and responsibility to not procure sham contracting agreements. The CCWA was one of the industry groups that assisted the government with this project. This is a positive step for the industry to ensure a fair playing field.

CCWA and the Department of Small Business are in the process of organise a series of talks aimed at assisting business post COVID. This are being planed to be held in August/September period and will be held both online via webinar and in person. Further information will be circulated once the program has been finalised.

SUPERANNUATION – Re-opening the economy – what does it mean for super investments?

AustralianSuper is working hard to understand and forecast the on-going economic impact of COVID-19 and position the portfolio to deliver the best retirement outcomes for our members.

So far this financial year, the Balanced option (where most members invest) has delivered a negative return of minus 1.1% (from 1 July 2019 to 31 May 2020). While history tells us we can expect a negative return about once every 4 to 5 years, this financial year is likely to be the first negative return for the Balanced option in the last 11 years – since the GFC period.

We expect market volatility to remain for some time, as markets continue to respond to updates on both the virus and economy.

We are closely monitoring economic conditions to understand how different sectors and industries are likely to be impacted and recover from this downturn. The insights and information we gather help guide how we construct the members’ investment portfolios and select the companies and assets we invest in.

To read the full article please visit

Sponsored by AustralianSuper Pty Ltd ABN 94 006 457 987, AFSL 233788, Trustee of AustralianSuper ABN 65 714 394 898. Investment returns are not guaranteed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns. This information may be general financial advice which doesn’t take into account your personal objectives, situation or needs. Before making a decision about AustralianSuper, you should think about your financial requirements and refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement, available at or by calling 1300 300 273.

AustralianSuper is the preferred Superannuation fund for the Building Service Industry. To find out when the next Business Briefing is taking place please click here!

Do you need help with comparing super funds, meeting superannuation obligations and running education seminars? Or would you like to join AustralianSuper’s free clearinghouse?

Please call 1300 300 273 or contact your state representative directly –

National/VIC/NSW/TAS: Steve Collins,
QLD: John Simpson,
SA/NT: Gary Bridle,
WA: Jo Jones, 

AustralianSuper has been partnered with BSCAA for over 13 years and support multiple cleaning and property management businesses and their staff.