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BSCAA National Newsletter – June 2020

President’s report

In the past week, we have seen some welcomed COVID-19 restrictions lifted.  As they have started to ease around Australia, many are preparing to return to the workplace. Employers are encouraged to maintain a safe workspace, should offices start to open up in compliance with state laws.Building owners are getting ready to provide COVID-19 safe offices, workplaces, retail precincts and public spaces. There will be many challenges to navigate and the new cleaning and hygiene protocols will be one of them.

Here are 5 tips to consider;

1. Don’t be complacent, understand how the environment/market has changed
2. Put plans in place and move quickly, opportunity is knocking for your business to stand out
3. Communicate regularly with your clients
4. Act on the right information – there’s too much around and not all of it is accurate
5. Understand employment laws

With so much information out there about techniques to kill COVID-19, we are now faced with a new challenge, misinformation and fake advertising. The BSCAA provides our members with links to check they are using the correct chemicals  and resource tools such as “Guide to Cleaning for COVID-19”. Our biggest asset are our cleaners, so the right support for your cleaners at this time is important.  This can be a stressful time, especially for the cleaners who work in the healthcare sector.  Some important tips to assist your staff would be to ensure;

During this current time of COVID-19, cleaners have played an essential component of maintaining a safe and hygienic workplace. Recognition of their work and contribution during 2020 deserves an applause.  Thank you Cleaners Day will be held on 21 October this year. If you need any assistance or information, the BSCAA is here to provide you with support.

Stay safe & well.
Thank you for being part of the BSCAA.
Kind regards
Kim Puxty – BSCAA National President


Welcome to our newest national business partner, CleanPlan.  To read more about CleanPlan, click here.

CleanPlan was incepted in 2018 with the mission to enhance the professional reputation of the cleaning industry through technology. At present, there are limited software solutions for cleaning businesses and CleanPlan provides a complete front end platform that brings the management, clients and cleaners on a cloud-based platform that integrates with existing platforms with ease. The platform powers cleaning services from scoping and work orders, mobilizing, scheduling, inspecting, to reporting, acceptance and payment.

CleanPlan aims to provide a software solution designed specifically to help ease the pain points that cleaning organisations of all sizes face:

    • A mismatch between the clients and cleaners on the scope of work.
    • Mobilisation rostering and effectiveness of new cleaners.
    • Ensuring consistent and quality services.
    • Notifications and resolution of issues.
    • Maintenance of workplace and OHS risks.
To read more from the Chairman of CleanPlan, click here.
To watch their full product video, click here.


SAFE WORK AUSTRALIA – New COVID-19 WHS industry guidance available

The Safe Work Australia website has been updated to provide a central hub of work health and safety (WHS) guidance and tools to help Australian workplaces manage the health and safety risks posed by COVID-19. 

The website gives users easy access to guidance that is directly relevant to their specific industry. It includes guidance about physical distancing, personal protective equipment, cleaning, workers’ compensation, how to conduct risk assessments and design emergency plans, as well as providing case studies to help explain how to manage the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Go to COVID-19 Information for workplaces and filter the content using the new drop-down menus to find information and resources tailored for:

    • employers, small business and workers
    • the industry you work in, and
    • the health and safety topic that you would like information on.

There are 23 industries to choose from as well as general industry information.

You can also use the search bar to find specific COVID-19 WHS content or browse through the information for our industry.

New information and guidance continue to be developed and the website will be updated with new information as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

Cleaning Services Award – Update to the pay tools

The Fairwork Ombudsman has announced amendments made to the First aid allowance and Leading hand allowance in the Pay and Conditions Tool (PACT) and the pay guide effective 4 May 2020.

The Fairwork Ombudsman have advised the BSCAA these amendments were to simplify the language used across all awards, making them consistent.

This has not changed the rate, only the wording.

Online planning tool to help business reopen and be COVIDSafe

The National COVID-19 Coordination Commission (NCCC) have developed an online tool for business to come up with a COVIDSafe business plan.

The tool brings together information from across government on the range of help and assistance available to support businesses. This tool complements the Safe Work Australia online hub, which remains the definitive source of information for businesses to understand their work health and safety obligations. The plan should be updated and reviewed as conditions and restrictions change.

The tool can be downloaded from the NCCC website.

Disinfectants for use against COVID-19 in the ARTG for legal supply in Australia

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has recently received a number of enquiries seeking to know which disinfectants have been entered into the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) for use against COVID-19.

Claims that a disinfectant has an effect against any virus must be expressly permitted by the TGA before being used in consumer advertising (including on the label). In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the TGA has permitted SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 virus claims. The following list is comprised of disinfectant products that have been entered into the ARTG with specific claims against SARS-Cov-2 (COVID 19) or COVID-19 on the
product label.
For more information, click here.

Information on support for your migrant workers – state by state

Our industry comprises of a number of migrant workers and unfortunately some of these migrant workers hold visas that make them ineligible for any income support during COVID-19.

If you have migrant workers who are effected by the loss of income and click here for some financial support they may be able to access.

Industrial Relations Guide for Contractors

Through its advisors Workplace Advisory Group, the BSCAA has put together a list of the questions that every contractor in the cleaning industry will confront in this time of pandemic crisis and the answers to those questions.

Click here to read the guide.




  • News & Support During COVID-19

    BSCAA NSW is keeping its members up to date with NSW-specific events and news, including:

The NSW Government has launched a $250M cleaning stimulus package, with contracts available to cleaning businesses to improve the cleaning of public facilities. Find out more here

SafeWork NSW has released updated guidelines for Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitisers – read more here

  • New Members

    BSCAA NSW is pleased to welcome the following new members who have joined over the past few months. We look forward to meeting you in-person at our events, as soon as we can!
    – Omega Training and International Protection Services Pty Ltd – 
    Sydney, NSW and ACT

    – ELECTCleaning & Facility Services – Avalon, NSW

    – City Commercial Cleaners – 
    Sydney, NSW

    – Club Clean Services – Sydney, NSW

    – CBC Facilities Maintenance – Port Kembla, NSW

    – Newcastle Cleaning Co. – Newcastle, NSW

    – Andron Cleaning Services – Sydney, NSW

    – BAMS Hygiene Management – Sydney, NSW

NSW Board member spotlight

This month, we put the spotlight on BSCAA NSW’s Vice President, Jamie Halfhide.

Jamie is the National Sales Manager for Guardian Property Services. He has been working in the industry for 30 years and has been on the NSW Board for 12 years.

    • What do you enjoy about your job and the industry? “Working in the cleaning industry affords me the opportunity to go behind the scenes of some of Australia’s leading buildings, public spaces, stadiums, and defence establishments where normal members of the public would never be allowed to visit. After all these years it is still extremely satisfying to see the results after a major strip and seal or other special deep cleaning project – making a putrid back floor come out sparkling clean and seeing the look on the client’s face is so rewarding.”
    • What challenges do you see in the industry and how can we work to solve it? “One of the biggest challenges I feel right now is the “fly by night operators”, coming in with little to no experience, training or correct processes and purporting to be experts in the cleaning and hygiene/sanitation field. This poses huge potential risks right now in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic situation to our client facilities, but also has the potential to put cleaning staff in danger. As they come and go so rapidly, it’s hard to know whether their staff are being treated and paid fairly, which then creates a further unfair advantage in a price-sensitive market. By lobbying Governments at levels and states to introduce a form of licencing/accreditation system for professional cleaning contractors, it should go a long way to weeding out the shonky operators.”


BSCAA Qld successfully held their 2020 Annual General Meeting via ZOOM live, with 11 full member companies represented. The 100% online delivery format was a first in BSCAA Queensland history. BSCAA Qld looks forward to the return of the traditional format and networking in 2021.

Upcoming BSCAA events
Preparations have commenced for the BSCAA Qld annual golf day to be held in September and the AustralianSuper Excellence Awards 2020.

Queensland welcomes the following new members:-

    • Sim Commercial Cleaning
    • Tailored Services
    • Clean and Cleaner Australia
    • Queensland Security Protection
    • Jorbear Security

Queensland Board member spotlight

James Holder joined the BSCAA Queensland Board in May 2019, and has over 10 years experience in the facilities sector. He has held roles in Operations, Administration & Business Development and is currently the General Manager – QLD/NT at Pickwick Integrated Facilities Services with responsibility for leading a business unit employing several hundred staff. James is currently representing BSCAA Qld on a Security Industry Advisory Panel with Jobs Queensland.

South Australia –

Peter Rundle is the South Australian representative on the BSCAA National Board of Directors. He is the key contact for South Australian members for all industry related matters. Peter has many years experience in the industry and is currently the Managing Director of Frontline Support.

You can connect with Peter via email or Linkedin.

Victoria –

The Victorian Division welcomes the following new members:
– Gateway Regional Property Services
– Mary Saldana
– RP Facility Services; and
– Wingman Cleaning

The BSCAA Victorian 2020 AGM is being held Thursday, 11th June at 11:00 via ZOOM online conference meeting.

There is seven (7) seven (7) positions to fill for the board, therefore we are calling for nominations.  All nominations must be received 7 days prior to the AGM by email COB Wednesday 4 June 2020.  Download Nomination Form

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Restrictions Victoria
Click here for full details on the stage 3 restrictions in Victoria effective Sunday 24th May to slow the spread of coronavirus.

For further business support, advice and information to help your business deal with coronavirus (COVID-10), click here.

Remember, there is still only five (5) reasons to leave your home:
– Shopping for food and supplied that you need;
– Care and caregiving;
– Exercise and outdoor recreation;
– Work and education – if you can’t do it from home
– Visiting friends and family – if you really need to.

Labour hire licence applications received before 30 June 2020
The Labour Hire Authority recognises that these are unprecedented times. The coronavirus situation is affecting labour hire hosts, providers and workers and has resulted in changes to the labour hire industry. Some labour providers have lost business, other providers are experiencing an increased demand for labour hire workers and an increased supply of workers looking for work, and new providers are seeking to supply workers to various industries during this pandemic.

It is for this reason the Authority will not take enforcement action against a provider for providing labour hire services without a licence, or a host who enters into an arrangement with that provider, where a complete application is submitted to the Authority before midnight 30 June 2020 and there is no evidence of non-compliance.

Portable Long Service Leave
The next due date for the upcoming bi-monthly return is 21st July 2020.

The PLSL Victoria’s Business support during COVID-19 is working remotely and is currently managing client enquiries through phone and email.  You can contact them by phoning 1800 517 158 or emailing

WA –

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of contract cleaning within the community. Through our previous strong connection with the WA Government, the Cleaning Council of WA has been able to establish new line of opportunities for our members through the following:

    • Department of Education – preferred supplier list of members for all contact cleaning requirements for public schools.
    • Public Sector Commission – development of state wide sanitising cleaning protocols and preferred supplier member list.

These initiatives and cooperation with the State Government was possible due to long standing relationships and the need to open new business opportunities for our members.


This Industrial Relations advice has been provided by Mark Diamond from Workplace Advisory Group.  


Members are advised of two recent decisions by the Federal Court of Australia that might have significant effects on the entitlements of employees:

1.    Workpac v Rossato

This decision was handed down on Wednesday 20 May 2020. In some ways all it did was reinforce the court’s earlier decision in Workpac v Skene from 16 August 2018 (this attracted huge controversy at the time because it meant that many casuals became deemed permanents overnight). In other ways the Rossato decision has done a lot more than Skene. Here’s what it means for cleaning contractors:

What it means for cleaning contractors:

    • If you hire casuals then you must accept that casual employment  has to be short term. It doesn’t matter what the employer and employee might agree. The court sees that as irrelevant. Fixed rosters are also a NO NO for  genuine casual work. The bottom line is: well before you hit the six (6) month mark you need to look at terminating the casual work relationship. If it goes past 6 months you are in the zone of possible deemed permanent employee status. What the employee thinks about this means nothing!
    • You must show in your time and wages records that whenever a casual is hired that you are paying the 25% loading as a distinct and identifiable component of the wage. If the loading gets blurred with a lump sum deal then you are at risk of the relationship becoming a deemed permanent employment relationship.
    • If you have had casuals working regularly for years and you have been paying the 25% loading, if the casuals are then deemed permanent because of the length of time they have been with you the payment of the 25% does NOT offset their entitlement to Annual Leave and Personal Leave.

2.    CEPU v. Qantas

The Federal Court was busy in May 2020! On 18 May 2020 it handed down a decision on 18 May that tells us this:

What it means for cleaning contractors:

    • If a worker is on Stand Down then that worker is NOT entitled to access accrued Sick Leave unless the employer agrees.

As members can see, the laws of employment in Australia are complex and constantly shifting. No one could have predicted these Federal Court decisions (well, Rossato was partly predictable but the denial of any offset for having paid the 25% loading was not foreseeable).

We will keep members updated if there any appeals that change what the Federal Court has said.


Members might be surprised to know that the Fair Work Commission is currently pushing ahead with the July 2020 National Wage Case. As it happens the Commission is legally bound to do this as part of its charter under the Fair Work Act. The big question of course is whether there will be an increase and if so, how much?

The ACTU in its wisdom has made an application for a 4% wage increase to flow to all award rates of pay. The Federal Government has asked for a deferral of any increase. Somewhere in there you would think that the Commission might attempt to find a balance.

BSCAA does not pretend to know what is in the minds of the Fair Work Commission judges but history tells us that a zero increase is less than likely. A deferred increase? Possible. In its recent words about the matter on 6 April 2020 FWC left open the possibility of a deferred date for operation of any increase. A lower than usual increase (e.g. 2%) is also possible.

BSCAA suggests that if members are being pressed by customers the best response is this: Our industry association is keeping tabs on the National Wage process. If Award rates do go up because of the National Wage decision then that will obviously have an impact on our labour cost under the contract. We will keep you advised but at this stage you could not rule out an increase from 1 July 2020 even though the government is trying hard to persuade FWC to push it back.


How COVID-19 is impacting investment markets and your super

As the COVID-19 virus spreads across the world and puts more people’s health at risk, governments are placing greater restrictions on movement between and within countries. This is having a large and immediate impact on people’s jobs, industries and economies worldwide, and in some cases shutting down entire business sectors except the most essential of services. 

Investors are trying to evaluate the impact of these multiple signals – with the release of daily virus updates, new economic data and policy announcements all contributing to the large positive and negative swings we are seeing in sharemarkets.

In the meantime AustralianSuper is taking steps to minimise the impact of adverse market movements on your retirement savings, and position your super for long-term growth.

It’s natural to feel like you should be doing something when markets are falling, and you see your balance fall. Responding to the huge swings in market sentiment during highly volatile periods could be a very high risk strategy.

As much as possible, we encourage you to take a long-term view of your super and if you have any concerns, it’s important to seek advice.  You can visit our website for the advice options available to members.

To read the full article please visit

Sponsored by AustralianSuper Pty Ltd ABN 94 006 457 987, AFSL 233788, Trustee of AustralianSuper ABN 65 714 394 898. This information may be general financial advice which doesn’t take into account your personal objectives, situation or needs. Before making a decision about AustralianSuper, you should think about your financial requirements and refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement, available at or by calling 1300 300 273.

AustralianSuper is the preferred Superannuation fund for the Building Service Industry. To find out when the next Business Briefing is taking place please click here!

Do you need help with comparing super funds, meeting superannuation obligations and running education seminars? Or would you like to join AustralianSuper’s free clearinghouse?

Please call 1300 300 273 or contact your state representative directly –

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QLD: John Simpson,
SA/NT: Gary Bridle,
WA: Jo Jones, 

AustralianSuper has been partnered with BSCAA for over 13 years and support multiple cleaning and property management businesses and their staff.


The BSCAA cleaning courses provide a comprehensive education pathway for the cleaning industry. The courses are packed with valuable information providing real opportunities for cleaning and hospitality staff to develop new skills.

For information on how the BSCAA cleaning courses can lead to a certificate II or Certificate III in cleaning: Cert II & III in Cleaning Operations Pathways

If you have any questions about this training please email or call 02 4962 4435.

Courses include: