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BSCAA National Newsletter – September 2019

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BSCAA Update

President’s Report

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

And in a blink August is gone and September is here!

So what did August look like for the BSCAA, well it was a great month for team work, collaborations and networking.  One of the joys of being part of the BSCAA are the amazing people you get to meet and the experiences they share with you.  August was all about team work and getting things rolling and as Helen Keller said, “together we can do so much”. 

Debbie Delimitros, Terry Corby and myself attend the CAF AGM in Sydney on 14 August.  The building certification program has been progressing well and CAF will begin the structure of the pre-qualification program for cleaning contractors in the coming months.  BSCAA will be working with CAF on pre-qualification as a subcommittee member.

The BSCAA National Board held their Strategy meeting on Friday 30 August.  All states were represented and the day was buzzing with assorted discussions and strategy ideas.  We are all extremely pleased with the content and feeling highly motivated about putting these plans into action.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who volunteered their time to participate in this day, it was a great team effort.

Our Annual National Networking Evening was held on 30 August at Sixteen Antlers, it was a fantastic opportunity to network and connect with our National Business Partners, BSCAA National Board, members from various states and to meet our BSCAA National Secretariat, Verity Copeland.

With the AustralianSuper Excellence Awards just around the corner, there has been plenty of behind the scenes work going on in NSW, WA, QLD & VIC.  I know firsthand the amount of work that goes into these events and it is a lot.  However, I can also say it is so worth the effort when you see the tears of joy, the excitement and pride when a winner or runner up is announced.  Participants who lodge nominations should be proud of their contribution to this event because you are actively acknowledging and recognising your staff for the contribution they make to your business and the industry.  Well done and keep those nominations coming!

BSCAA have submitted an article for the InClean magazine, as a BSCAA member you receive a free magazine.

The ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo will be held in Melbourne on 23 & 24 October and BSCAA have secured their spot.  We look forward to greeting our current members and meeting potential new members.  I have been invited to assist in the judging of the InClean Innovation Award, so I will be at the convention both days, if you are attending please visit the BSCAA stand, come say “hello”, I would love to meet you.

Please feel free to email me direct at if you have any feedback or suggestions you would like to share.  I am also available to call on 1800 312 970. 

Thank you for being part of the BSCAA team.

Kind regards,

Kim Puxty – BSCAA National President

Networking Evening

Last Friday evening, the BSCAA National Board Directors welcomed our National Business Partners, fellow State Board Directors and other associates to a networking evening. The evening was a success with great conversation, food and a good time had by all. 


We Comply is a free service to BSCAA members and contains a full suite of Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety Policies, Work Method Statements and Procedure templates. For more details visit 

The following documents have recently been added to WeComply:

Forms / Checklists

Infection control cleaning

Waste disposal


Here are some helpful videos available on the Bizversity site.

  1. One Simple Change That Will Change Your Entire Life
  2. 7 Mindsets That Dramatically Boost Productivity
  3. How to Stand Out in the Crowd with Persuasive Storytelling
  4. 10 Ways to Increase Your Confidence When Networking
  5. How to Give Back and Make a Difference
  6. How to Use Gmail to Better Manage Your Business Email


State Updates

Victoria –

  • Membership

Membership Presentation sessions were held to prospective new members last month and further sessions will be held this month.  Victoria Division are pleased to welcome the following new members:

    • Cleaning Edge Solutions    
    • City 300 Cleaning; and
    • Heightworx Industries Rope Access.
  • BSCAA Victoria Australian Super Excellence Awards  
    Nominations are NOW OPEN!

The BSCAA Victoria AustralianSuper Excellence Awards will be held on Friday, 15th November at the Hellenic Museum, Melbourne.  This year’s awards are open to members and non-members so join us in celebrating our staff, enjoying great food, music and our MC Ben Price, internationally renowned comedian and, without doubt, one of Australia’s finest impersonators.


  • New Victorian Board Director Announcement

The Building Services Contractors Association of Australia is thrilled to announce the appointment of a new member to the Board, Spiroulla Ploudias.

Spiroulla is the National Operations Manager for Globe Williams International and  has been a long-time member and supporter of BSCAA.  Spiroulla joins the team bringing a strong operations background with an understanding of the National and International issues facing Australia and New Zealand.

  • Labour Hire Licensing

Over the last 18 months there has been legislation passed in three states (South Australia, Queensland and most recently Victoria) designed to regulate the Labour Hire industry. Contract cleaning businesses that provide a cleaning service (incl. labour, materials and equipment) to a client using the standard contract cleaning model (i.e. response to tender and then supplying the service in compliance with the cleaning specifications) in Victoria must register because of the effect of Regulation 5.  The Victorian Government introduced Regulation 5 which deems a cleaner in commercial premises to be working in the business of the host which is applicable to contract cleaning businesses as well as any sub-contractors whom they might engage and must register as a Labour Hire Provider in Victoria.

Victorian Legislation

Meaning of provides labour hire services—general definition (1) A person (a provider) provides labour hire services if— (a) in the course of conducting a business, the provider supplies one or more individuals to another person (a host) to performwork in and as part of a business or undertaking of the host;

Regulations in Victoria
Regulation 5 – Circumstances in which an individual is taken to perform work in and as part of a business or undertaking (1) For the purposes of section 12(a) of the Act, circumstances in which an individual is taken to perform work in and as part of a business or undertaking include the following circumstances— (a) an individual is performing activities as a cleaner in a commercial premises;

Effective 30th October 2019 substantial penalties will apply to labour hire providers who do not have a Labour Hire Licence or a Licence application pending and businesses that use unlicensed providers.  This means if you provide a worker or workers to another business or person, you are operating as a labour hire provider and therefore require this licence.

For further information regarding labour hire licensing and making an application to obtain a licence, please visit


New South Wales –

  • BSCAA NSW will be hosting their annual AustralianSuper Excellence Awards on the evening of Friday 11 October 2019 at the Swissotel, Sydney. 

This year they are mixing things up and have planned a cocktail evening full of great food, fabulous entertainment and dancing!. Register your team early, you don’t want to miss out!

Click here to register as tickets are selling fast!


Queensland –

  • BSCAA Queensland’s Membership Campaign

BSCAA Queensland Division is actively participating in a member recruitment campaign,  having already identified a potential 150+ new member opportunities. The initial phase of the campaign was held over a 13-week period and resulted in new memberships through all levels of turnover, and a new Gold Business Partner.

The second phase will involve connecting with existing and potential members, proactively seeking to uncover further information as to what additional benefits they would like to see included, or amendments to existing benefits, that will assist them to achieve improved growth of their respective businesses.

A new feature offered in Queensland is the introduction of an automated monthly membership subscription. This option has had a positive uptake, with members of both large and small turnovers, ultimately helping Members by way of reducing bill shock and administrative hours.

Another positive outcome of the membership drive has been the creation of the new Sole-trader Membership level. We understand that our members all need a hand when starting out, and this new membership offering, gives self-employed, solo operators access to BSCAA resources, modified to suit the smaller operation. In due time, we envisage the business growth of these members, and progression into the Corporate levels.

  • Nominations Now Open
    BSCAA Qld AustralianSuper Excellence Awards
     will be held on FRIDAY 1st November 2019 at the Victoria Golf Club in the Marquee – 2019 will be bigger and brighter, join us in celebrating our best asset “our cleaners”, enjoy live music – The Wild Card Trio, MC – David ‘Luttsy’ Lutterall radio announcer, open bar and plenty of food. 

Western Australia –

  • The WA Cleaning Council Excellence Awards are being held Friday 15 November. Please contact Cameron Palassis for more information.

South Australia –

Tasmania –

Update from Workplace Advisory Group

Can an employee be dismissed for what they put on social media?

Whether or not you follow the football code of Rugby Union you would certainly have heard of Israel Folau who was recently dismissed by Rugby Australia because of an Instagram post he put up. Without getting into the weeds about what Israel Folau posted and why he posted it, suffice to say that the post was a fierce religious quote from the Bible in the Hell Fire vein. It upset heaps of people including Qantas who are major Rugby sponsors. Rugby Australia terminated Israel Folau’s contract (somewhat messily in the view of this writer) and that upset heaps of other people.

Now all this has led to a slew of questions from employers basically along the line of: what are our employees allowed to say on social media and what can’t they say?

To read the full blog post, click here.

Industry News

Fair Work Commission
Enterprise agreement update

On Friday 16 August, the Fair Work Commission issued an Enterprise agreement update.

It provides information on recent improvements in the Commission’s processes and timeliness in dealing with enterprise agreement applications.

Click here to find out more.


Fair Work Ombudsman
New guide to help employers support employees affected by family and domestic violence

This guide helps employers understand their legal responsibilities and how to support employees affected by family and domestic violence.

It’s packed with information and resources, including a checklist for managing family and domestic violence issues in the workplace.

For more information, click here.

Safe Work Australia
National Safe Work Month 2019 – Be a Safety Champion

The campaign kit for this year’s National Safe work Month campaign is now available.

For more information and to get your campaign kit, click here.

New guidance for labour hire available

The new guide Labour hire: duties of persons conducting a business or undertaking, is now available on the Safe Work Australia website.

Businesses using or providing labour hire should read the guide for information about their WHS responsibilities.

In the news

WA labour-hire operator faces court

The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action in the Federal Circuit Court against WA labour-hire business, Corporation Sun Pty Ltd, and its part-owner and chief executive, Michael Le.

To read more, click here.

Allegations against Pioneer companies dismissed

The Fair Work Ombudsman’s legal action against Pioneer Facility Services and Pioneer Contracting Services has been dismissed following an appeal.

To read more, click here.


Ten years of positive returns for members

Investing in the futures of 2.2 million Australians isn’t just our job – we work hard to achieve strong returns to help you retire with more.

Designed for long-term growth, our Default Balanced option has been a consistently strong performer and our most popular option.

Read here for more info.

AustralianSuper is the preferred Superannuation fund for the Building Service Industry. To find out when the next Business Briefing is taking place please click here!

Do you need help with comparing super funds, meeting superannuation obligations and running education seminars? Or would you like to join AustralianSuper’s free clearinghouse?

Please call 1300 300 273 or contact your state representative directly –

National/VIC/NSW/TAS: Steve Collins,
QLD: John Simpson,
SA/NT: Gary Bridle,
WA: Jo Jones, 

AustralianSuper has been partnered with BSCAA for over 13 years and support multiple cleaning and property management businesses and their staff.


Helpful Links

Pay Guides

The 2019 Cleaning and Security Service Award 2010 Pay Guides can be found here: 
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