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BSCAA Prequalified Contractor Assessment

BSCAA’s Prequalified Contractor Assessment is an online tool that has been developed in partnership with iPRO to foster contractor and responsible industry practices that benefit contractors and clients.

Through the iPRO online prequalification process, contractors’ credentials and compliance requirements will be checked. It is important to note that the prequalification process does not constitute a certification or endorsement of the contractor. Instead, it serves as a thorough and comprehensive system check to ensure compliance and adherence to industry standards.

The benefits

  • Verification of insurance licenses, and safety documents, offering clients peace of mind and reassurance in the contractor’s professionalism and reliability.
  • Thoroughly assesses contractor compliance to ensure they meet client requirements, ensuring that qualified contractors are considered for the job.
  • Provides clients with a safeguard, ensuring that only compliant contractors enter their facilities, minimising risks, and maintaining a high standard of service quality.
  • Promotes a secure and compliant working environment for clients by enforcing contractor screening and adherence to industry regulations.
  • Establishes a strong foundation of trust between clients and contractors, assuring clients that their facilities will be serviced by competent and fully compliant professionals.
  • Third-party verification conducted by iPRO, a reputable industry provider, ensuring impartiality and credibility.
  • A third-party contractor prequalification compliance certificate that meets legislative requirements.

BSCAA members who complete the online assessment will be rewarded with a valuable contractor compliance certificate. This document serves as compelling evidence of compliance when submitting tender documents, enhancing your reputation and standing in the industry.


How it works

  1. Submit your payment online.
  2. Start the assessment by creating a secure account with iPro.
  3. iPRO automatically prefills and verifies your business credentials using trusted data sources, reducing the evidence you need to provide.
  4. You complete a short questionnaire to determine which insurances, certifications, policies, and procedures your organisation must hold to demonstrate your work readiness to clients.
  5. On successful completion, BSCAA will issue you a Contractor Prequalification Certificate and badge. Your company will be added to the online registration of BSCAA Prequalified Contractors.
  6. iPRO will proactively monitor your compliance providing timely alerts of expiring compliance requirements.

Costs involved:


(plus GST) for members
(You will need to be logged in to your BSCAA membership to get this price)


(plus GST) for non-members

About iPro

Established in 2015, iPRO is an Australian-based software company that specialises in Contractor Compliance and Modern Slavery Supplier Risk Assessment. Their software is trusted and used by leading organisations such as Harvey Norman, Rentokil, and Monash Health and provides solutions for companies, contractors, worker’s cover pre-qualification, rapid risk assessment, onboarding and induction, compliance management, automated credential monitoring, and site and workplace check-in access and control.

iPRO has been independently audited and certified for:

  • ISO 27001 Information and Security Management System
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety
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