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The BSCAA engages with Workplace Advisory Group as their preferred Industrial Relations Advisor. Workplace Advisory Group is the premier Australian specialist consultancy advising employers in the areas of workplace relations, industrial relations, employment law, and related matters.

Workplace Advisory Group

Workplace Advisory Group specialises in a wide range of services:

  • Unfair dismissal claims in the Fair Work Commission
  • General protection claims in the Federal Circuit Court
  • Employment contract litigation (restraint clauses etc.) in the Federal Court of Australia
  • Union intervention in the workplace and strategic advice around the issues this intervention poses
  • Enterprise agreements
  • Anti-discrimination claims (including claims before the Australian Human Rights Commission)
  • Workplace health and safety issues
  • Fair Work Ombudsman issues
  • Enterprise agreements and (general) labour cost modeling
  • Anti-discrimination claims
  • Award interpretation
  • Fair Work Ombudsman issues
  • State Revenue Office enquiries (regarding Payroll Tax and related matters)

As a member, you can forward your industrial relations query by email to and the BSCAA National office will forward the Workplace Advisory Group’s response to your question. This service is free to members.

Mark Diamond BSCAA Board of Directors

Workplace Advisory Group, founded in 2007 is proudly led by Principal, Mark Diamond. An accomplished independent Industrial Relations and Employment law advisor, Mark has held various roles such as the National Industrial Relations and Employment Law partner at Ebsworth and Ebsworth Lawyers and the Principal of Ausgroup Consulting.
In 2006, Mark achieved the very first workplace agreement in the contract cleaning industry under the now-defunct Work Choices legislation. After more than 36 years, Mark is still a leading industry relations professional who emphasises innovation, economic savviness, and solution-based outcomes. Those values define the offering of Workplace Advisory Group.

If your query is complex or requires additional services from Workplace Advisory Group, they will contact you directly and provide you with a scope of service and cost.

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