Building Service Contractors Association of Australia Ltd

Code of Practice

BSCAA members undertake to promote our code of ethical practice in all
of their business dealings, seeing them:

  1. Abide by the rules and regulations, aims, and objectives of the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia.
  2. Promote the Association in the interests of the industry and the community.
  3. Members shall not intentionally disseminate false or misleading information, whether written, spoken or implied, nor engage in false, misleading or deceptive conduct or otherwise bring the BSCAA into disrepute.
  4. Members shall help to improve the body of knowledge of the profession by participating in industry related programs designed to raise the standard of service delivery.
  5. All stakeholders who engage with the industry are treated with respect, equal opportunity and that the workplace is free from harassment, violence, discrimination and bullying.
  6. Freedom of association and workers right to join a union is recognised.
  7. Subcontractors are engaged ethically and the employment conditions provided are no less favourable than those afforded by direct employment.
  8. Remuneration must be at levels that enable a contractor to meet all of their statutory obligations according to specified industrial instrument and relevant legislation.
  9. Promotes and supports learning environments which maintain high professional standards in the delivery of assessment and training services, and which safeguard the educational interests and welfare of all stakeholders.
  10. Considers the environmental impact of business activity and develops sustainable practices that reduce our carbon footprint.
  11. Considers the impact of modern day slavery in all purchasing decisions.
Ultimately, BSCAA and its members work to build a sustainably priced industry that promotes best practice standards that is beneficial for all.
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