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Entrance Matting – A Positive Impact on Building


Previously relegated to the least thought of item in a building’s construction, the entrance mat has become an item that is of outstanding importance rather then just an after thought. Entrance mats have important functions other then just pure aesthetics – health and safety or cleaning and maintenance for example – all having a direct impact on the use and success of a building.

It has been estimated that 10 metres of quality entrance matting is required to remove 99% of trafficked dirt from shoes; six metres will remove about 80% and four metres of matting will remove about 60%. Removing dust and dirt from pedestrian traffic has an impact on how much cleaning is required throughout the building. Dirt has a direct correlation with the floor maintenance cycle and the dulling effect on glossy floors.

Entrance matting also helps with safety during wet weather. When a pedestrian enters a building from steps into a semi-wet area, it immediately can become hazardous especially with change of gait or when direction decision-making takes their attention. Doorways naturally funnel human traffic down to a narrower angle causing dirt and water to make a slippery combination with shiny floors.

Careful consideration has to be given to different types of entrance matting and a professional matting supplier such as Mat World (Mat World is a division of Pall Mall Manufacturing Co.) are able to supply a number of solutions geared to a building’s particular use. For example there are dedicated architectural mats which are purpose built to an architect’s plan, there are different weight fibres, thicknesses and tread patterns, mats more suited to wet areas then others, and there are mats suited for recessed entrances.

Additionally, Mat World has a full laser cutting service and are able to provide logo insertion into entrance mats, they have worked on some of the largest shopping malls in Australia installing laser cut logo mats.

Mat World prides itself on providing an outstanding service in analyzing and supplying solutions to your entrance matting needs and provide a professional installation service. Installations can be worked after hours to avoid impacting on use of entrances during peak hours.

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