Building Service Contractors Association of Australia Ltd

New South Wales

Board of Directors

Debbie Delimitros Board Of Directors

Debbie Delimitros, President 

Debbie Delimitros is the General Manager of Eternal Cleaning Services. With over 25 years of experience in customer service, operations, human resources, and administrative support across various industry sectors, her mission is to ensure her team have opportunities to further enhance their skills and experience a safe, clean, green, equitable working environment, a good work-life balance, and are and treated with respect.

Debbie is the President of BSCAA NSW and became Vice President of BSCAA National in 2019 and is heavily focused on improving industry standards for members.

Jamie Halfhide Board Of Directors

Jamie Halfhide, Vice President 

Jamie Halfhide has been serving the cleaning industry since 1991. During this time, he has owned small to medium-sized businesses and has held senior management positions for some of the industry’s most well-respected and highly regarded organisations in New South Wales.

For over 12 years, Jamie has been actively involved in the BSCAA, serving as an NSW Board Member, and Vice-President and Secretary for almost 10 years.

Ravindra Nadru BSCAA Board Of Directors

Ravindra Naidoo, Treasurer 

Ravindra Naidoo has been working in the cleaning industry for over 25 years and is proud to be an Executive Committee Member of the BSCAA NSW board for over 15 years. His qualifications include an Honours Degree in Economics and is a CPA. Ravindra is the Financial Controller and Director of Human Resources and Industrial Relations at Quad Services Pty Ltd.

Charlie Vasilas Board Of Directors

Charlie Vasilas, Committee Executive 

Charlie Vasilas has over 40 years of experience and vast knowledge in customer service, operations, human resources, and administrative support across various sectors such as retail and commercial.

Charlie currently works as an Executive Manager with Ezko Property Services and has a passion is to ensure his team has opportunities to further enhance their skills and can work within a safe, clean, and green working environment. Charlie treats everyone equally and is committed to supporting his staff. Charlie became a BSCAA Executive in 2018.

Dean Graoroski board Of Directors

Dean Graoroski, Committee Executive 

Dean Graoroski has 19 years of industry experience as Managing Director of VDG Services, he is a leading provider of integrated services solutions to Commercial, Retail, Event, Hospitality, and Government institutions throughout Australia.

Starting as a Site Manager 1998 and progressing to Contract Manager for Tempo Services LTD, Dean Joined VDG Services in 2001 to support the founder and owner, Vlado Graoroski in managing existing operations and the Company’s rapidly growing client portfolio.

Dean holds a Certificate IV Advanced Diploma in Accounting, Certificate III Information Technology from NSW TAFE, has been an executive member of BSCAA NSW since 2016, and Chairperson of VDG’s Executive Management Committee.

Nicholas Jenkinson Board Of Directors

Nicholas Jenkinson, Committee Executive 

With over 15 years of experience in the Commercial Cleaning sector, Nicholas Jenkinson has extensive hands-on industry knowledge. Starting as an owner-operator in early 2000, Nicholas has worked his way through the ranks to be State Manager NSW for Pickwick Integrated Facilities Services. Having performed operational, administrative, and sales roles during his career, Nicholas has a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by businesses within our industry. Nicholas has completed an MBA in Management and BA in Business and Marketing.

Denis Boulais Board Of Directors

Denis Boulais, Committee Executive 

Denis Boulais has 20 years of management experience within the cleaning industry. He manages risk and human resources on a national scale for Broadlex Services. His qualifications include:

Bachelor of Science – University of Technology Sydney, Master of Applied Science – University of South Wales, Master of Business Administration – University of New England, Doctor of Philosophy – Safety Science – Extensive study of safety compliance in the Australian dairy industry, University of South Wales, Doctor of Philosophy – Safety Science – Extensive study of lower back injury prevention in the cleaning industry, University of Technology Sydney.

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