representing building managment, cleaning and security staff

Member Companies

Academy Services
Ajax Cleaning Company
Allied Facilities Management
AMCO Cleaning Services
BIC Services
Biniris (Aust) 
Boab Services
Border Cleaning Services 
Broadlex Services
Cam Park Commercial Window Cleaning 
Charmax Property Maintenance
Cleancorp (NSW) P/L
CMC Property Services
Commercial Property Services
Crystal Commercial Cleaning
Deluxe Services (NSW)
Dimeo Services (Aust) 
Eternal Cleaning Services
Evolve Cleaning
EZKO Property Services (Aust) 
Gaby Cleaning & General Repairs
Glad Group
Guardian Property Services 
Heba Cleaning Services NSW
Hills Commercial Cleaning
J&M Cleaning Services (Aust)
JECP Cleaning Services
JWN Facilities Management
Manning Valley Cleaning Service
Mercedes Cleaning Professionals
Mermaid Cleaning Services
MSR Maintenance & Cleaning Services
Mutual Cleaning Contractors
National Cleaning Services Australia

Officecare Austraila
Perpetual Property Care
Pickwick Group 
Q One Property Services
Quad Services 
Quality Assurance Cleaning Service
Sebastian Property Services
Shamrock Security Cleaning 
Solutions Property Services 
South Coast Cleaning Services
Springmount Services 
Strike Force Services
Supercare Cleaning 
TH Building Maintenance Service
The Sparkle Team Cleaning Co
Trish Sellars Cleaning & Support Services
Vertex Integrated Services
VDG Services Australia
Winfred Services
Zarelk Cleaning Service