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Cleaning contractors face more spot checks after $763,000 recovered for 1200 employees

Cleaning contractors face ongoing spot checks by the Fair Work Ombudsman again this year as it endeavours to detect and deter deliberate non-compliance with federal workplace laws. The Fair Work Ombudsman is also working with a forum of key stakeholders to ensure compliance and best practice after finding the industry is characterised by layers of

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Cleaning Services Award 2010 Wage Schedule effective 1 July 2014

The wage schedule for the Cleaning Service Award 2010 effective 1 July 2014 is now available to all members in the Members Only section in your relevant State page. All transitional increases have now been absorbed and the rates are now common across all States and Territories. Barbara Connolly National Officer

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Commonwealth Cleaning Services Guidelines revoked

In mid 2013 the BSCAA implemented a strategy to convince the Federal Government to abolish the Commonwealth Cleaning Services Guidelines which effectively mandated Clean Start rates of pay on all Federal Government contracts. BSCAA has consistently opposed the Guidelines which artificially inflated cleaning costs by forcing Clean Start rates of pay whether contractors had agreed to Clean Start or

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