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BSCAA National Newsletter – April 2019
To download the full newsletter please click here: Building Service Industry Newsletter The BSCAA have been very busy over the last month with the Tasmanian Excellence Awards, BSCAA NSW Breakfast, BSCAA Queensland Golf Day! More on these events below. Several representatives of the BSCAA National Board also attend the CAF (Cleaning Accountability Framework) Launch in Melbourne (L-R Peter Rundle, Cassie Ruhe-Hodge, Debbie Delimitros & Kim Puxty). To read more see: 'National scheme for ethical cleaning launches' BSCAA is working closely with CAF to ensure a fair playing field for BSCAA Members. read more ❯
BSCAA National Newsletter – March 2019
To download the full newsletter please click here: BSCAA National Newsletter March 2019 National BSCAA have recently introduced a new member benefit 'Bizversity'. An intranet website like no other, dedicated to teaching business differently. At BSCAA, we have recognised that our members want to educate themselves in a fast-paced and user friendly manner and Bizversity is the answer! All BSCAA Members will have access to this priceless benefit and business education from around the world. All full BSCAA members have now received an email from their state about this benefit. If your email has not arrived please contact your state office.   Regional Queensland Roadshow BSCAA Queensland would like to thank all the attendees at our regional Queensland roadshow which was held from 18-20 February 2019 in Mackay, Townsville and Cairns. The following speakers presented on the roadshow: • Alan Beirne from QLeave – Portable Long Service Leave, who discussed in detail the QLeave responsibilities as... read more ❯
BSCAA National Newsletter – February 2019
To download the full newsletter please click here: BSCAA National Newsletter February 2019   National Welcome to 2019… Thank you Hako The BSCAA National Board of Directors would like to thank Hako for hosting the February 2019 Board Meeting, at their Sydney Head Office.It was great to learn about the history of Hako and see the warehouse of products available.  Australia’s Commercial Cleaning Industry, Please Take a Bow When you’re caught up in the day-to-day challenges of running a commercial cleaning business, it’s easy to lose sight of what an important contribution the industry makes to the economy, employees, their families and Australians in general.  This was highlighted in the 2018-19 report on the industry by the research publisher IBIS World. It just goes to prove what a wonderfully positive contribution all of us involved in and around the commercial cleaning industry are making. We should be proud. Here is just a quick look at some of the report’s important... read more ❯
Workplace Relations Update from Workplace Advisory Group Unless you are living in denial, 2018 was the year in which the combined forces of Government, the union and many major property owner/managers all turned against sub-contracting. We even reached a stage where the cleaning industry was accused by the Federal Government (who was elected as being “pro business”) of what was termed Wage Theft. At this point in history the question must be asked: does sub-contracting have any place in the cleaning industry in Australia? I think the answer is YES but for it to have a place of any value there must be some fundamental things in place: Unincorporated sub contractors are a major risk. They should be avoided. For a sub contractor to be validly engaged they have to be in business for themselves. This means they have to have a range of customers.  If the sub contractor is only servicing one business... read more ❯
BSCAA National Newsletter – January 2019
    To download the full newsletter please click here: January 2019 BSCAA National Newsletter   National Welcome to 2019... The BSCAA National Board of Directors would like to thank all of its members and Business Partners for their support over the past 12 months and we look forward to new and exciting ventures in 2019.  WeComply We Comply is a free service to BSCAA members and contains a full suite of Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety Policies, Work Method Statements and Procedure templates. For more details visit  A new Modern Slavery Act article has now been added to WeComply.  All BSCAA Members would now have received their updated WeComply Passwords. If you don't yet have yours please contact your state.  Modern Slavery Act: Australia Australia is about to introduce a Modern Slavery Act. The Act will impact on very, very large organisations only. It applies only to organisations over a $100 million threshold either based or operating in Australia will be... read more ❯
We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! If you have any questions the BSCAA National Office is now open. Give us a call on 1800 312 970 or email read more ❯
BSCAA National Newsletter December 2018
To download the full newsletter please click here: BSCAA National Newsletter December 2018 BSCAA Update National Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year The BSCAA National Board of Directors would like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Christmas and New Year. The BSCAA National Office will be closed from Friday 21 December 2018 and re-open on Monday 7 January 2019 however any urgent voicemail messages will be responded too.  WeComply We Comply is a free service to BSCAA members and contains a full suite of Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety Policies, Work Method Statements and Procedure templates. For more details visit  A new Indigenous Policy template has now been added to WeComply. This policy shows your company's commitment to recognising and respecting the needs of Indigenous Australians.  All BSCAA Members would now have received their updated WeComply Passwords. If you don't yet have yours please contact your state.  Cleaner wage theft inquiry calls for reforms Parliamentary inquiry into... read more ❯
Workplace Relations Update from Workplace Advisory Group WHO IS REALLY A SUBCONTRACTOR? For those who follow my blog or who are clients of Workplace Advisory Group, you will know that the question of what really constitutes a bona fide sub contract relationship looms large in Australian workplaces. For months now we have seen a sustained assault in the courts against so-called subcontractor relationships. Probably the highest profile case has been one that the Fair Work Ombudsman took against Foodora. Foodora had tried to classify its meal delivery riders as subcontractors but the case was dropped after Foodora folded its corporate tent and left Australia. The TWU also got into the act and backed an Unfair Dismissal case against Foodora which the union won. That will probably turn out to be a pyrrhic victory in a monetary sense given Foodora’s departure but the finding of an employment relationship might be crucial. Uber, Deliveroo and... read more ❯
Workplace Relations Update from Workplace Advisory Group PROBATION, TERMINATION AND THE LINK BETWEEN THEM Most employers in Australia believe that employees can be sacked without notice and without reason during a probation period. The task of the BSCAA is to provide members with accurate advice on industrial relations matters so this article will do just that on this much-misunderstood issue! Probation How long can a probation period be? Maximum six months. What happens if the employee has leave during the probation period? Paid leave (Sick Leave etc.) does not change the length of the probation period. Unpaid leave (e.g. where the employee has no accumulated sick leave but requests unpaid time off) results in the probation period being extended by the number of unpaid leave days taken.  If the probation period is set at 3 months, can the employer change its mind and extend the probation period to the 6 month maximum? This can only be done... read more ❯
BSCAA National Newsletter - November 2018
To download the full newsletter please click here: BSCAA National Newsletter November 2018   National Changes to modern awards The Fair Work Commission has varied a number of awards as part of its Modern Award Review. The changes affect rules on termination of employment and a number of other clauses. All changes apply from the first full pay period on or after 1 November 2018. Updated copies of the awards are available via the list of awards at Termination of employment Employers are now required to pay an employee’s wages and all other entitlements, within 7 days of the end of their employment. Changes to notice of termination rules mean an employer can deduct up to 1 week’s wages if an employee over 18 years resigns without  giving enough notice. Employers cannot deduct wages from employees under the age of 18 for not giving notice. Other clauses The following clauses have also been varied: consultation about major workplace change consultation about changes to... read more ❯
BSCAA backs tougher penalties for franchising codes
The Building Service Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA) has welcomed the ACCC’s calls for stronger penalties for franchising codes. ACCC deputy chair Mick Keogh called for changes to Australia’s Franchising Code of Conduct to better protect franchisees, in a speech delivered at the National Franchise Convention Legal Symposium in Melbourne last week. The changes included significantly increased penalties for breaches, as well as requiring improved and more meaningful information disclosure to franchisees, in combination with stronger unfair contract terms (UCT) law, to help to improve the operations of franchise businesses in Australia. Keogh said the franchising and oil codes, which applies to service stations, are not as effective as they should be. “We want to see the Franchising Code strengthened, and supported by stronger penalty provisions, to ensure franchise systems operate well for all parties involved, to encourage compliance with franchise agreements, and to keep competition on an even keel. “It is in the interests... read more ❯
Industry celebrates Thank Your Cleaner day
Thank Your Cleaner Day has been celebrated around the world, with more than 20 countries taking part in the New Zealand-founded initiative. Launched in 2015 by the Building Service Contractors of New Zealand (BSCNZ), Thank Your Cleaner Day, supported by Kärcher, was held on Wednesday 17 October. The day aims to celebrate the role of professional cleaners. Since its launch, the event has gained global attention, with Canada, US, UK, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia among some of the countries to have participated this year. This year in Australia around 15 companies took part, some with more than 3000 employees. Sarah McBride, CEO of the BSCNZ, said the goal of the event had been achieved following numerous successful events across NZ and globally. Air New Zealand, Westfield, Westpac, 2Degrees, Genesis Energy, Auckland Museum and Christchurch Airport were among some of the major organisations involved with this year’s event in New Zealand, hosting various events... read more ❯
BSCAA National Newsletter - October 2018
BSCAA National Newsletter - October 2018   National On behalf of all BSCAA members BSCAA National has made a submission on designing a modern Australian Business Number system. As we understand it, the government is considering: (i) Changing the ABN entitlement rules or increasing the intensity of entitlement checks before an ABN is issued (or both); and (ii) Introducing conditions so that a failure of compliance with those conditions may lead to an ABN cancellation; and (iii) Mandating ABN display/verification through the New Payments Platform and similar digital reform; and (iv) Mandating ABN renewal together with an associated fee structure.  The submission has now been finalised. Please click here to view it. ATO have confirmed that the Government has extended the Taxable Payments Reporting System (TPRS) to the cleaning and courier industries. This was will take effect from 1 July 2018. The TPRS acts as a tax integrity measure to ensure payments made to contractors are reported to the ATO in a similar manner to... read more ❯
BSCAA National Newsletter - September 2018
BSCAA National Newsletter - September 2018   BSCAA National Representatives from BSCAA National, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and Tasmania recently attended the cleaning expo in Sydney. Congratulations to BSCAA NSW and all of our Business Partners who attended on excellent displays at the show. It was a great chance to catch up with Members and industry suppliers alike and was enjoyed by all.  Exploitation of Cleaners working in Retail Chains On Tuesday 4 September a representative from BSCAA National appeared before the Education and Employment References Committee in Victoria to give evidence in relation to the Inquiry into the exploitation of general and specialist cleaners working in retail chains for contracting or subcontracting cleaning companies. To view copies of hearings transcripts please click here.  ABN Reform The Australian Business Number (ABN) is a key business identifier used by business, government and the community.  However, the Black Economy Taskforce found that the ABN system is also... read more ❯
New family and domestic violence leave entitlements
New family and domestic violence leave entitlements From 1 August 2018, modern awards will be varied to give employees access to 5 days of unpaid family and domestic violence leave each year. The leave can be taken by employees to deal with the impact of family and domestic violence. This includes (but isn’t limited to) taking time to: make arrangements for their safety, or the safety of a family member attend court hearings access police services. Eligibility - This entitlement applies to all employees (including casuals) who are covered by an industry or occupation based award. Find out more - You can find more information about domestic and family violence leave and who it applies to at Confidential information, counselling and support for people impacted by domestic and family violence is available at read more ❯