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Customer Service in the Cleaning Industry

This introductory Customer Service course covers the outcomes required for a cleaning and housekeeping staff to provide effective client service. It covers establishing client relationships, identifying client needs, and meeting those needs by providing quality cleaning and housekeeping services or by providing information and advice on products and services.

Training Course Facts


Cost $29.70 (incl. GST)
Unit code & name Customer Service for the Cleaning Industry
Pre-requisite None
Delivery 100% online, no classroom or assignments.
Time 3 minutes to enrol, 4-6 hours – self paced
Payment Paypal or Mastercard/Visa through our Eway internet payment facility.

For Employers

  • Covers employer obligations under WHS legislation in relation to documented staff training.
  • Training files are stored for 30 years.
  • Missing staff documents can be sourced and re-sent within 48 hours.
  • Coupon codes available for BSCAA members.
  • BSCAA members are entitled to a 15% discount for their employees.

For Employees & Job Seekers:

  • Endorsed by the bscaa and its members as the entry level course to the cleaning industry.
  • Learn about your rights and responsibilities at work and how to work safely in the cleaning industry.

Course Outline:

Section 1 – Customer Service in the cleaning industry

  • Introduction to customer service
  • What is Customer Service?
  • Customer service in the cleaning industry
  • Greeting clients – first impressions

Section 2 – Acting professionally

  • Practice high standards of personal presentation
  • Guidelines to assist with personal presentation
  • Respecting the work environment
  • Working in a timely and professional manner
  • Contributing to a respectful and enjoyable workplace

Section 3 – Working professionally

  • Acting professionally and ethically
  • Poor service
  • Make Suggestions and Share knowledge
  • Product knowledge
  • Maintain client confidentiality

Section 4 – Communication skills

  • Communicating with colleagues and clients

Section 5 – Verbal communication skills

  • Listening to clients
  • How to ask questions
  • Cultural and social differences

Section 6 – Non-verbal communication skills (body language)

  • Communicating with colleagues and clients
  • Understanding non-verbal communication –
  • Body Language
  • Personal Space
  • Eye movement & gestures

Section 7 – Providing customer service

  • Respond promptly and politely to client requests
  • Handle complaints politely
  • Make apologies when there is a breakdown cleaning/ housekeeping servicing
  • Agree with customers on timelines for meeting requests
  • Unacceptable customer requests
  • Turn complaints into opportunities

Section 8 – Providing information to clients

  • Providing information to clients
  • Great customer service

For information on how the courses work, how to enrol in a course or frequently asked questions CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions about the training please email or call 1800 312 970.

This course has been developed in conjunction with Daniels Associates, a leading Registered Training Organisation in the Cleaning Industry. This course is NOT accredited and does NOT lead to a unit of competency. The knowledge gained from this course can be used to support a recognition process for the relevant accredited unit of competency.
For more information visit the Daniels Associates website

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