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Office Cleaning #2 –
Periodic Cleaning

This course covers three units of competency for certificate II and III in Cleaning Operations. Each of these units is briefly outlined below.

Specialist Cleaning – Computer room cleaning: rooms where dust can destroy sensitive equipment such as computer server rooms, laboratories and other clean environments. This unit does not cover sterile environments such as working in operating theatres, medical device manufacture and pharmaceuticals.

Periodic Cleaning – Cleaning ceiling surfaces and fittings – is a periodic cleaning duty normally performed using extension poles and small a-frame ladders.

Periodic Cleaning – Washing furniture and fittings – include the periodic washing of hard surface furniture and fittings. This could include any commonly cleaned items from, tables and chairs to walls, and finishes, office furniture and fittings.

Training Course Facts


Cost $29.70 (incl. GST)
Unit code & name Office Cleaning (2) Periodic Cleaning
Pre-requisite None
Delivery 100% online, no classroom or assignments.
Time 3 minutes to enrol, 4-6 hours – self paced
Payment Paypal or Mastercard/Visa through our Eway internet payment facility.

For Employers

  • Covers employer obligations under WHS legislation in relation to documented staff training.
  • Training files are stored for 30 years.
  • Missing staff documents can be sourced and re-sent within 48 hours.
  • Coupon codes available for BSCAA members.
  • BSCAA members are entitled to a 15% discount for their employees.

For Employees & Job Seekers:

  • Endorsed by the bscaa and its members as the entry level course to the cleaning industry.
  • Learn about your rights and responsibilities at work and how to work safely in the cleaning industry.

Course Outline:

Section 1 – Identify condition and set-up for cleaning

  • Different types of soils found in commercial buildings
  • Set-up area – organise access – barricade area
  • Set-up equipment & clean area

Section 2 – Clean Rooms & computer room cleaning

  • Introduction to clean rooms
  • How cleaning a clean room is different to normal cleaning
  • Clean room garments (clothing)
  • Checking equipment
  • Organise access
  • Cleaning surfaces
  • Damp-wiping sensitive electrical items
  • Using a vacuum crevice tool
  • Dust collection mats

Section 3 – Periodic Cleaning – Cleaning ceiling surfaces and fittings

  • Introduction to ceiling cleaning
  • Ceilings and fittings
  • Use barricades and signs
  • Preparing equipment
  • Site characteristics and choice of equipment and materials
  • Using ladders for cleaning ceilings
  • Cleaning procedures for ceiling surfaces and fittings
  • Using extension equipment
  • Cleaning with detergents

Section 4 – Periodic Cleaning – Washing furniture and fittings

  • Assess if work area is available for cleaning
  • Cleaning methods
  • Stain removal guide
  • Inspect furniture and fittings for soiling
  • Select correct detergent to suit surface being cleaned
  • Preparing the area for cleaning
  • Wash furniture and fittings

Section 5 – Dress area, clean and store equipment

  • Restore room to its original condition
  • Rubbish disposal procedure
  • Cleaning and storing equipment
  • Prepare for the next shift

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If you have any questions about the training please email or call 1800 312 970.

This course has been developed in conjunction with Daniels Associates, a leading Registered Training Organisation in the Cleaning Industry. This course is NOT accredited and does NOT lead to a unit of competency. The knowledge gained from this course can be used to support a recognition process for the relevant accredited unit of competency.
For more information visit the Daniels Associates website

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