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Business Partner Opportunities

BSCAA has a three – tiered Business Partner program, with suppliers opting to choose a program that best suits their needs.bscaa-stockimg-handshake

The four categories are major, diamond, and platinum.

Suppliers are an integral part of the Association, and there is a strong level of mutual respect between contractors and suppliers.

BSCAA prefers to describe it as a “partnering relationship”.

Every effort is made by BSCAA members to interact with our supplier program members and it is part of the BSCAA Strategic Plan to consistently monitor the level of opportunity given to suppliers to promote their products and services.

Depending on your marketing strategy BSCAA offers both national and state-based sponsorship opportunities.

Be a BSCAA National Business Partner Flyer

Victoria welcomes your interest, in creating the right opportunity for our state suppliers.  Where we can build strategies to help our members whilst building a strong community. Contact or 1300 513 306 to discuss further.