representing building managment, cleaning and security staff

Western Australia

It is our vision to be the “go to authority” in Western Australia for matters relating to the cleaning industry and to represent the interests of our members by promoting growth and delivering benefits that assist members with compliance and the ongoing management of their cleaning businesses.

Our mission is to create a fair and competitive local market where members regardless of size receive a fair price and clients receive the best possible service by being the cleaning industry’s voice to Government and the private sector and providing a forum for all those involved in the WA cleaning industry to present their goods and services.

Our position:
Cleaning Council WA believes that it is in the long term interests of the industry’s workforce, and its ability to attract and retain suitable cleaning staff in the medium to long term that all workers receive, at a minimum, the rates of pay and entitlements owed to them under legislation.

Cleaning Council WA does not support the use of sham or bogus sub-contracting within the WA cleaning industry.

Cleaning Council WA believes that it is not the role of efficient government to be involved in the day to day delivery of facility services including cleaning.

We believe that training is imperative for the sustainability of the industry’s labour force and the quality of service delivered to the community.

Looking for a Cleaning Contractor?

Cleaning Council WA members are insured for Public Liability and Workers Compensation, as appropriate and must adhere to the WA Industry Code of Conduct which includes a dispute resolution procedure.

Looking for Employment?

Cleaning Council WA members are in need of reliable team members throughout the state of Western Australia. To view and apply for employment:

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BSCAA Membership Benefits

  • Free bi-monthly INCLEAN magazine;
  • Free Industrial Relations Information;
  • Free IR Helpline;
  • Free initial consultation with CCWA’s preferred legal provider;
  • Access to our dedicated compliance website WeComply
  • Fortnightly E-News;
  • Access to industry specific insurance packages;
  • Special Member’s “user pay rates” for specific IR advice;
  • Insurance Rebate incentive if you use CCWA’s preferred insurance provider;
  • Use of Cleaning Council WA name and member logo in your advertising;
  • Eligibility to enter the WA Cleaning Industry Excellence Awards;
  • Access to the Department of Environment’s Green Stamp program;
  • Regular Member meetings;
  • Presentations from Suppliers;
  • Access to government funded training though CCWA partnership with AAC’s and RTO’s;
  • And much more.

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