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Cleaning Services Award 2010

All employers are required to make available to their employees a copy of the relevant award and a copy of the National Employment Standards.

In addition, all new employees must be provided with a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement.

The Small Business Employer Fair Dismissal Code is another useful document.

In addition, the BSCAA in conjunction with the Fair Work Ombudsman developed a range of Information Sheets to explain various aspect of the Cleaning Services Award 2010. The information was current as at 1 March 2011. The fact sheet topics include:

  • Annual Leave;
  • Breaks;
  • Change of Contract;
  • Classification Translation Provisions;
  • Consultation;
  • Coverage;
  • Employment Categories;
  • Penalty Rates;
  • Savings and Transitional Provisions;
  • Termination of Employment and Redundancy; and
  • Wages and Allowances.