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Commonwealth Cleaning Services Guidelines revoked

In mid 2013 the BSCAA implemented a strategy to convince the Federal Government to abolish the

Commonwealth Cleaning Services Guidelines which effectively mandated Clean Start rates of pay

on all Federal Government contracts. BSCAA has consistently opposed the Guidelines which artificially

inflated cleaning costs by forcing Clean Start rates of pay whether contractors had agreed to Clean Start

or not.


Today the Government announced that from 1 July 2014 those guidelines would cease to apply.

BSCAA knows that this will come as enormous news not only to BSCAA members but to

non-members as well. From 1 July 2014 contractors will be able to submit tenders based on the

Award and a proper level playing field will resume on Federal Government cleaning contracts.


BSCAA wishes to thank the architects of the strategy that led directly to this outcome:

Terry Corby the National President, Barbara Connolly the National Executive Officer and

Mark Diamond of Workplace Advisory Group our advisor and consultant on this matter.

The link to the announcement by the Government is: