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Traineeship Program


The objective of this program is to promote better industry adoption of traineeships for new employees as a tool to up skill new staff and as an aid to staff retention.

Once in place, the program is to provide a stepping stone for the industry to access more widespread traineeships and available government training and workplace funding assistance.

The Strategy:

The program is based upon a strong partnership of key industry and external organisations, each providing an essential component of the training agenda, but all operating under the leadership of the Cleaning Council WA.

The key characteristic of training delivery is that it is to be delivered in the workplace on a one-on-one basis wherever feasible and with no requirement for work release by the participant.

Key Stakeholders:

Cleaning Council WA:

  • Provides overall management of the program; and
  • Markets the program to members and potential members.

Member cleaning businesses:

  • Select potential trainee candidates; and
  • Choose the appropriate AAC and RTO to deliver the traineeship.

Australian Apprenticeship Centres (AAC’s):

  • Manages traineeship registration with State and Federal Government;
  • Brief the business and trainee on traineeship rights; and
  • Liaise with the business to organise Federal Incentive payments promptly.

Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s):

  • Deliver the training to individual trainees at their worksites, around their shifts;
  • Liaises with employer CSM (or operations person) on visits, progress and assessment of trainee; and
  • Carry out all competency assessments for trainee to complete course.

The Trainee:

  • Must agree to undertake traineeship;
  • Is paid for training time; and
  • Is taught job skills on his/her actual worksite.

Eligibility Criteria for New Employee – Traineeship

The candidate must:

  • From employment commencement, be registered for the traineeship within:
    • 12 Months if a part-time employee (<38 hours per week); or
    • 3 Months if a full time employee.
  • Be a permanent employee (no casuals);
  • Be aged between 18 and 65 years old;
  • Have no recent previous qualification to a similar standard (AAC will provide full details);
  • Work at least an average of 15 hours per week; and
  • Be an Australian citizen or resident:
    • Candidates on student or other visas are not eligible; or
    • New Zealand citizens are eligible provided they have been in Australia for at least 6 months.

Government funding – Federal & State Government:

  • Depending on the training package that you select, there are various state and government funded programs. Please contact the Cleaning Council office to discuss these varies options. Ph: 1300 867 565 or email: