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Creating a High Performing & Profitable Business in 2022

We know you are facing your toughest test as a business owner right now.

So how do you navigate your business through these uncertain times of lockdowns, stock shortages and price increases?

We know you are tired of being pulled from pillar to post, working endlessly but not being able to break past the barriers you need to grow your business, made even more difficult by our current climate.
We’ve organised an event exclusively for our members, and we wanted to invite you because we know you’ll find it helpful.

We’ve invited one of Australia’s top business coaches in the trades and construction industry, Stefan Kazakis, to share his advice and expertise. Few speakers are better qualified to provide on the spot learnings you can take away and implement easily and immediately.

Get ready to learn how to:
✔️ Double your cash flow
✔️ Triple your profit
✔️ 10x the valuation of your business within the next 3-5 years

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Guest Interview

We’ll also be meeting the owner of Graychon, Chontel Stephenson. Aside from the considerable accomplishment of tripling their revenue, Chontel’s personal life has benefited hugely since implementing the strategies and systems, giving her peace of mind and reducing her stress.  Chontel will share:

✔️ How she now knows exactly where her cash is – what’s coming and going – so she’s no longer worried about when she’s going to have money in the bank and how much.
✔️ How her team structure is constantly improving and what it means for her that the team are stepping up and taking on more responsibilities and ownership of their role.
✔️ How she is no longer working “on the tools” and gives herself 8 hours a week in “business owner time”.

Chontel will be sharing her story and will happily answer any questions you might have! 

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Join us for Creating a High Performing & Profitable Business in 2022 on
Wednesday 9 March 2022 – 10.30am AEST

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