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October 2023

BSCAA launches online assessment tool

BSCAA has collaborated with iPRO to create a tool called the BSCAA Prequalified Contractor Assessment, which promotes responsible industry practices and contractor compliance.
The iPRO prequalification process checks the credentials and compliance requirements of contractors, ensuring that they adhere to industry standards.

According to BSCAA, this tool offers numerous benefits, including verifying insurance licenses and safety documents, which provides clients with assurance about the contractor’s professionalism and reliability.
In addition, the tool promotes a secure and compliant working environment for clients by enforcing contractor screening and adherence to industry regulations.

iPRO conducts third-party verification, ensuring impartiality and credibility. iPRO proactively monitors compliance and provides timely alerts of expiring compliance requirements.
“The BSCAA developed the contractor prequalification platform to promote ethical practices, overall quality, and safety standards in the industry,” said Kim Puxty, CEO of BSCAA.

“Prequalification provides businesses with a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competition and promote their dedication to ethical and responsible practices.
“It is a chance for companies to establish strong relationships with clients, unlock new opportunities, and invest in their growth and reputation in the contracting industry.”

The process involves submitting payment online, registering for the prequalification assessment with iPRO, and completing a short questionnaire to verify the business credentials.

Upon successful completion, the contractor will receive a valuable prequalified contractor certificate and badge that serves as compelling evidence of compliance when submitting tender documents.

“It is important to note that this process does not certify or endorse the contractor, but it provides a thorough and comprehensive system check to ensure compliance,” said Puxty.

“Compliance can have a positive impact on any industry by promoting fairness and accountability, it creates a level playing field for all players in the industry.”

This article first appeared in the September/October 2023 issue of INCLEAN magazine.  

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