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WFBSC Executive Insights

December 2022


What motivated you to join the building services industry at the start of your career?

I realized that cleaning was an essential industry where I’d always have a job. Cleaning must occur. As a safety manager, I understand that manual handling will always be an issue, as not all cleaning tasks can be automated. I knew that the ongoing safety aspects of manual handling chemical safety, electrical safety, and associated areas for example, workers compensation, human resources, and contractor safety would always keep me in a job. I just knew it was good from the start. 

When did you decide to start volunteering with the BSCAA NSW board?

In 2019, I became involved with the Best New South Wales board. With 20 years experience in the cleaning industry, I’d gained experience across a wide range of fields, such as safety, quality environment, workers comp, human resources and Indigenous Affairs. I thought this knowledge and experience might assist the board and the industry where such expertise was required. 

What do you believe is most rewarding about serving on the board?

Getting to know the others on the board and having and hearing their thoughts and perspectives on cleaning industry issues. That’s point number one. Number 2, discussions with like minded people for the greater good of the cleaning industry in terms of improvement. And, point three, becoming involved with the Beskar Awards, which allows our cleaners to have a night out and possibly win an award themselves.

Can you speak to some of your career highlights and achievements?

I would say full development, implementation and maintenance of ISO systems within the cleaning industry, understanding of workman’s comp and of the workers compensation system, and ways to reduce premiums by returning engine fleet employees back to work efficiently and safely. I actually earned my second PhD degree which involves researching ways to explore low back injury in the cleaning industry.

Do you have any advice for those just starting out in the industry?

Be eager to work hard and learn as much as possible. Take courses and upskill yourself when opportunities arise. And, becoming embedded in the cleaning industry guarantees you a job for life. It’s COVID proof.

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