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COVID-19 Laws and Public Health Orders

DATE: Wed 1 September 2021
TIME:  10am AEST

Members are invited to a webinar where our Employment Law advisor Mark Diamond of Workplace Advisory Group will answer your questions on the issues that confront employers in the cleaning industry during this time of COVID. Some of the questions likely to be raised are:

  • Can employers make vaccination compulsory?
  • If an employee refuses to get vaccinated can that employee lose their job?
  • Are employers liable if an employee claims to have suffered health damage because of the COVID vaccine?
  • Can customers demand that cleaners get vaccinated?
  • Are employees in NSW legally obliged to get vaccinated in order to stay in their jobs?
  • Can a cleaning company be forced by a customer to divulge vaccination details for each individual cleaner?

The webinar will be held Wednesday 1 September at 10am AEST.

Members are invited to send any questions they may have for Mark Diamond to

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